General George Washington, praying, at Valley Forge

STOLEN ELECTIONS are epidemic at every level of United States Government. A new model for exposing political election criminality is immediately needed: comprehensive Audit of The Vote, accompanied by Forensic Investigation of Digital Voting Machines employed in the last several elections.

No Vote Fraud? 160,000 Obama 2008 ‘Voters’ In Milwaukee Do Not Exist

Copyright © 2016 Martha Trowbridge. All Rights Reserved. Last night’s Iowa Voting Circus reminded me how unaware America is of the grave Election Theft besieging our nation. Here is but one example: in 2012, 160,000 ‘Obama 2008’ voters in Milwaukee could not be located. Why? They do not exist. Fake Voters – they who exist ‘in the system’ only – …

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“If You Understood Us, You Would Know How To Beat Us”

The 2012 Election was stolen by means We The People haven’t ever imagined possible. That’s why it ‘worked’.

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Old Models Of Voter Fraud Detection Ignore The Main Crime Scene

Given the sophistication of techniques utilized by evil-doers to effect Election Theft, traditional methods of struggle against voter fraud overlook the main crime scene: the voting machine.

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The Math Is Simple: 3% Fraud Means OBAMA LOST

We The People need only evidence that 3% of the votes reported in the 2012 Presidential Election are fraudulent, to prove that aka Obama lost the election.

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